Power Protection Panels for Houses & Apartments

Every house or apartment will be having one energy meter allotted by respected DISCOMS and one serial no will be allotted for this meter. House or apartment will draw power from energy meter as per the capacity, The total power protection required for every house or apartment is starts from energy meter, care must be taken in distributing the power in the house branch wise that is

Air conditioner wiring

Lighting wiring

Geyser wirings at each bath room

Kitchen wiring etc..

There are many electrical hazards are hidden if proper protection and cares not maintained and deployed

In the house there will be two main power distribution panels one for essential loads and second for non essential loads

Or one is for heavy loads like Ac and geysers one is for small loads like lighting, refrigerator, kitchen, Hall, Tv, Musical Equipment like

Here Energy Pulse has developed different panels with advanced protection systems providing protection from high voltage strikes, low voltage drops, neutral failure protection, earth failure protection, leakage protection is incorporated in this panels are capable of handling internet IOT integration with WiFi commends remotely there are many other features incorporated in our panels these panels are different from generally available panels from market it offers excellent monitoring and power protection to our house at every time besides energy savings.

Apart from main panels there will be some sub panels available at different locations the sub panels will be having three or four branches to distribute power these panels also fitted with various features to protect from electrical hazards like high voltage, earth leakage, short circuits etc within built time delay mechanism this time delay mechanism is very much essential for Air conditioners, air coolers, dishwashers, water cooler, music systems etc thus power protection has been well defined and brings higher safety and energy savings. All Energy Pulse products are green products which will have by default power saving is achieved these products are very much essential in modern life to safe guard investments made on costly equipment with very hard earnings which has to be protected, life has to be enhanced thus faster ROI can be determined on investment made on these products   

Surge filter cum extension boards for computers and sophisticated equipments  

Many times we require one extension board to have a multiple power sockets to connects various electronics and electrical gadgets there are lot of extension boards are available in the market which may not be have required protections to protect power equipments many extension boards will have multiple sockets parallel connected with switch or without switch, these extension board do not offer protection to safe guard connected electric or electronic goods from spikes, surges and overloads. whereas Energy Pulse extension board fitted with multiple protections and filtering the power with line filter to reduce common mode noise, and differential mode noise and provides highly safe power from this extension cards all Energy Pulse extension board has multiple level protection so as every extension board has clean power socket and safe power socket, Energy Pulse extension board is unique products which will protect from all types of electrical hazards.