Energy management

Energy Pulse is established various divisions under which power conditioning & power protection is a part of it

Energy Pulse power condition division having multiple products to provide voltage regulation, Voltage stabilization, Voltage filtration with power protection like high output voltage cut off, low voltage output cut off, over load cut off, short circuit protection and earth leakage protection thus the protections will offer 360 Degrees of safety power to the electrical equipment

Having near to 4 decades experience in the field of providing extremely safe power to the various applications and various equipments in India & abroad Energy Pulse has designed one of the robust voltage protection equipments with latest technologies which will provide extremely stable voltage and protection in 360 degrees angle by visualizing the probable challenges which would occur from mains power to electrical gadgets.

 The power protection division has the following products to provide power protection

A voltage stabilizer for domestic appliances

Voltage regulator for entire house

A voltage stabilizer for apartments which a centralized

Power protection panel for houses, apartments

Surge filters cum extinction board for computers and sophisticated equipments

 Time delay systems for Air conditioners and Refrigerators, washing machines, Dish washers Etc

This division is purely
focused on providing safe and green power to residential complexes in dual
houses and for all kind of apartments

As per the study most of
electrical gadgets are failing pre masterly without providing its designed life
cycle thus consumer/ purchaser losing his valuable earnings on repairs and
replacements thus consumer or user is getting very less ROI on the investment
made on costly equipments Energy Pulse Brand equipments enhances life of all
electrical gadgets installed at your premises thus consumer will get faster ROI
and saves money on repairs and replacements apart from saving money through energy
savings associates as a default benefit to the user.  

Voltage Stabilizer is an
Electrical appliance used to provide safe limit voltages to
electrical/Electronic Gadgets to protect from abnormal voltage fluctuations.
Abnormal voltage fluctuations will certainly damage costly home appliances.
Hence a protection needed to protect from voltage variations is called voltage

A part from voltage
stabilizer, Voltage stabilizer also provides High Voltage cut off, that is
switch off power when High voltage strikes which is beyond the limit of voltage
stabilizer correction levels. Similar way low voltage level also

It also offers delayed power
whenever there is a frequent fluctuation and frequent on off in supply voltage.

Energy Pulse is one of the
truthful brand and truth full stabilizer as once the specification level is
fixed on any of Energy Pulse stabilizer all the parameters are truly tested and
it will stand for low test as per the capacity mentioned on the label also
input voltage range and output voltage range is tested and stands for its
commitment of the label affixed on the particular equipment thus Energy Pulse
equipment is highly robust and truthful equipments stands for any type of
testing as per the promise made by Energy Pulse on affixed label and guarantees
the labels performance at all time this is the only company bringen brand which
never deviate from the label specifications and it is truth full at all times,
This is highly trusted electrical equipment in India.     

Technology deployed in
manufacturing of voltage stabilizes for domestic applications are entirely
different from any brand and any make voltage stabilizers available in India
and abroad Energy Pulse domestic voltage stabilizer ensures no brake correction
and reduces on load spikes and surges which generally generated by any voltage
stabilizers expect Hence Energy Pulse stabilizes are very safe and saves power

Energy Pulse voltage Stabilizer standard capacities
0.5KVA,1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 4KVA, 5KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA in single Phase
Note These stabilizer to be used only on single phase purpose

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