Voltage Stabilizer Entire House

Energy Pulse 3 Phase voltage stabilizer exclusively designed and developed to meet three phase voltage stabilization purpose these three phase stabilizers works on four wire three phase as input and four wire three phase as output the neutral link is common for both input and output new technology has been adopted to protect the entire house from probable power problems the specially made three phase voltage stabilizer for residential models has incorporated high accuracy voltage regulation and protection from high voltage & low voltages, Overload and from short circuits these stabilizers are time tested and designed with nearly 4 decade of experience in providing stable power to residents its not a voltage stabilizer alone it is one of the major power protector and power saver to the house the ROI calculation demonstrates very short period ROI on investments made on Energy Pulse equipments the standard models are 6 KVA three Phase, 9KVA thee Phase, 12KVA thee Phase, 15KVA thee Phase, 20KVA thee Phase, 25KVA thee Phase, 30KVA thee Phase, 40KVA thee Phase, 50KVA thee Phase, 60KVA thee Phase, 75KVA thee Phase, 100KVA thee Phase  and up to 200KVA Three Phase

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