Centralized Voltage Stabilizer for Apartments

Energy Pulse has designed and developed a patentable technology to provide high degree power protection to the entire apartment, thus eliminating multiple stabilizers for multiple gadgets installed and Generally used in apartments thus saves money and maintenance, having multiple stabilizer for each and every Electrical/Electronic equipment always creates more surges and spikes are generated within the house these multiple  stabilizers will consume additional power there will be extra power bill every month. Instead having a centralized stabilizer provides excellent power protection beside energy savings thus the investment on the centralized stabilizer has greater benefits and very high ROI

The standard capacities for

Single bed room flat we recommended 6KVA

Double bed room flat we recommended 12KVA

Three bed room flat we recommended 15KVA 

Four Bed room flat we recommended 20KVA

Five Bed room flat we recommended 25KVA

All our central stabilizers are occupies very less space and consumes very low power and has very low maintains cost and trouble free service, Voltage stabilizer capacity is purely depend on the installed capacity and the equipments expected to be installed in the house the KVA ratings may changed based on the equipments installed and going to be installed in future the specification, sizes and standard images are provided

The specifications as below